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Cast Your Vote! Proposed Amendments to Chapter’s Bylaws

By , July 15th, 2015

The PRSA Central Ohio Chapter Board of Directors, through a three-year strategic plan, is making changes to improve communication and program strategy for members. The Board recently voted to create two new officer positions for the Board, a vice president of communication and a vice president of programs.

According to the Chapter’s bylaws, any changes (amendments) to the bylaws must be approved by the Chapter’s Board of Directors and voted on by the membership.

On Friday, July 10, 2015 the Chapter’s Board of Directors approved the following amendments to the bylaws:

  • Rename the Secretary officer position to Vice President of Communication;
  • Add a new officer position – Vice President of Programs; and
  • Reduce the quantity of Board of Directors from seven to six.

These changes are a result of the Chapter’s strategic plan to streamline communication efforts and to better align program development. To view the amendments, click here.

To cast your vote on these three areas, click here.

Voting concludes Fri., Aug. 21, 2015. Results will be featured in the August edition of PRSA Matters. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a member of the Board of Directors or Officers.