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The Accreditation Committee sponsors the chapter’s APR preparatory course, which is offered both as a study mechanism for the APR Exam and as a valuable professional development opportunity for all members. The Accreditation Committee also publicizes new APRs through Profiles and targeted media and assists with PRSA’s Accreditation Maintenance Program.

Committee chair:

Kara Allison, APR, ‎Environmental Management Specialists, Inc.,


Committee co-chairs:

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The Development Committee oversees the fundraising efforts of the chapter. The committee administers a sponsorship program that involves and recognizes the business community in its support of the organization. The committee also maintains a contact/donation database and coordinates in-kind donations between committees and businesses.

Committee Chair:


Diversity & Inclusion

The Central Ohio Chapter affirms diversity as a smart business practice. It is through awareness, education and positive recognition of the differences among people in the workforce that we can begin to recognize the uniqueness in everyone, valuing the contribution that each can make and create an inclusive work environment where awareness of, and respect for, those of diverse groups. For this reason the Board of Directors established a Diversity Committee.The Central Ohio Chapter’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee has three primary objectives:

  • To raise awareness of diversity as a smart business strategy within the membership of the Chapter, prospective members, and students.
  • Increase active participation in the Chapter by diverse public relations practitioners, prospective members, and students. Encourage participation with Chapter leadership.
  • Increase outreach to diverse students to encourage their participation in the public relations profession, in the society and to pursue their APR.

Committee Chair:

Shanikka Flinn, Precise One Marketing, LLC,


The Masters Committee works in conjunction with other committees, such as Professional Development and Programs, to develop events for practitioners who have held PRSA membership for 10+ years.

Committee co-chairs:

New Pros

The New Pros Committee is committed to helping young professionals (five years experience or less) build relationships, seek career guidance, gain industry knowledge, network and pursue professional development opportunities. The Committee gears its programming and events toward new graduates and those who are jumpstarting their public relations careers.

Committee co-chairs:

  • Courtney Speiss
  • Jennica Norris

PRism Awards

The PRism Committee promotes participation in the chapter’s annual awards program. The committee selects a theme, plans the PRism event, works with the facility, reviews PRism Award criteria, arranges entry judging, prepares the “Call for Entry” mailing, arranges entries for display, publicizes PRism winners through PRofiles and targeted media, and coordinates reciprocal judging of another chapter’s entries.

Committee co-chairs:

  • Logan Trautman
  • Jimmy Lentz

Programs (Luncheons)

The Programs Committee plans and implements PRSA monthly programming. The committee secures noteworthy speakers from a variety of fields to address members on pertinent topics, coordinates all arrangements with facilities, works with Member Services and Membership to implement special themes in conjunction with certain meetings, and distributes an evaluation form.

Committee co-chairs:

PRSSA Liaison

The PRSSA Liaison Committee serves to connect the professional society with local student members of its para-professional organization, PRSSA. Within central Ohio, seven institutions are supported by PRSA. These institutions include Capital University, Ohio University, Ohio Dominican University, Ohio Northern University, The Ohio State University, Marietta College and Otterbein University.

In its liaison role, the committee provides professional development, internship and mentoring opportunities, offers assistance with PRSA associate membership and assists in the planning and execution of an annual public relations conference.

Committee co-chairs:

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